Embedded Software

Embedded software is a type of software that is built into hardware systems. This software is typically designed to perform one specific function, although a single piece of hardware may contain multiple pieces of embedded software. Any piece of technology that has circuit boards and computer chips will likely have embedded software within it, from digital clocks to cell phones to calculators. These systems allow many of the advanced functions that are common in modern devices.
Embedded software takes the place of a full-blown computer system. In a normal computer, or a machine connected to a normal computer, there are relatively few pieces of embedded software. Typically, computer systems only have a handful of pieces that control start-up procedures and essential hardware functions. As complex devices become more computerized, their embedded software is actually dropping as it is replaced with standard computer systems.
We offer embedded solutions in these key areas
* User Interface
* Network tools
* Simulation Solution
* GIS Application
* Database Solution
* Hardware Monitoring solution
* Fault Diagnostic solution
* Map Server solution
* Cross platorm solution