Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management System is an application for those customers who require a simple inventory management or stock management system.

With the improvement in technology, the companies are deploying a single ERP system across the organizations to ensure easy and simple visibility and controls. Essenz services provides Inventory Management System to meet the requirement of small, medium and large enterprises. IMS provide you the power to control your inventory with centralized stock information and helps in tracking every significant piece of information about each inventory item.

Inventory Management system has the following scope

* Receive Purchase Orders
* Bulk Inventory Transfer - Dispatch
* Bulk Inventory Transfer - Receive
* Inventory Location Transfers
* Inventory Adjustments
* Reverse Goods Received
* Enter Stock Counts

Inquiries and Reports
* Inventory Item Status
* Inventory Item Usage
* Inventory Quantities
* Reorder Level
* Stock Dispatch
* Inventory Valuation Report
* Inventory Planning Report
* Inventory Planning Based On Preferred Supplier Data
* Inventory Stock Check Sheets
* All Inventory Movements By Location/Date
* List Inventory Status By Location/Category
* Historical Stock Quantity By Location/Category
* List Negative Stocks
* Period Stock Transaction Listing
* Stock Transfer Note
* Standard Reports and Forms
* Custom Reports
* Reorder Level By Category/Location